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SISU Next Gen Medium Mouth Guard



SISU NextGen is made from non-compressible thermo-polymer, an astonishingly 1.6 mm thin, SISU NextGen delivers even more protection with its scientifically re-designed perforation pattern. Custom fit, remoldable  features a wider bite pad, rounded edges and improved moldability to empower athletes to talk normally, breathe naturally and stay hydrated during the game.

All athletes wearing braces ages 7 and up must use the Aero Medium, Aero Large, or Max. (You cannot use Aero Small with braces)

SISU Mouthguards can be fitted to the top or bottom teeth. If you have braces, we recommend that you buy an additional guard to fit on your bottom teeth to prevent your lips from getting cut on the brackets.

Medium Size: For ages 12 and over
Mold with boiling water or microwave

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