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Field Hockey Goalie Equipment & Gear


What equipment does a field hockey goalie need?

Protection from a hard-hit field hockey ball is crucial.  We like to think about the gear from the head down.   Helmet, Throat Protector, Chest Protector, Left-Hand & Right Hand Protector, Pelvic Protector, Pants, Leg Guards, and Kickers. 

We only have OBO Goalie Gear in our store.  We think it is the best fit, protects the most, and lasts the longest.  The difference between beginner, intermediate and elite gear is the size and the density of the foam.  

Promite, OGO, and Yahoo are appropriate for beginners.  Yahoo and Cloud for Intermediate.  Robo for Elite players.  

Which Helmet is right for me?

Lighter is better but the helmet needs to fit snugly so it does not wiggle during crucial saves.   ABS, great for beginners and for teams as it is easy to adjust.   Poly P, has been our 'go-to' helmet for beginners and non-competitive intermediates.  ROBO PE withstands ball speeds to 75 mph.    ROBO FG is the next bump-up withstanding ball speeds up to 99 mph.   ROBO Carbon is the lightest and most protective helmet available.  Withstanding ball speed up to 99 mph and provides great visibility. 

What Body Armour should I buy?

Our product pages all have size charts for Body Armour.   The style of body armour is determined by the level of play.   New Body Armour will always feel a little tight and the arms will be stiff until it has been used. A throat protector is worn by most goalies. 

What kind of Leg Guards should I buy?

Leg Guards are also determined by the level of play.  The foam is denser for more advanced players.  But, the leg guard is also larger as the goalie becomes more advanced.   The goalie has to be able to manage the greater width and the bounce back from any dives or ground plays.  Sizes are listed on our products

What kind of Kickers do I need?

Kickers like all the other gear are determined by the level of play.  However, there is a new style, ROBO Plus kickers that have a new boxier shape that has become more popular with more elite players. 

What about Hand Protectors?

Left-hand protectors are shaped the same for all levels.  The difference is the foam and the straps or lack of straps that keep the protector in place.  The Promite, Ogo, Yahoo, and Cloud only have a glove.  The ROBO left hand has straps.   The right-hand protectors have different shapes as well as different foam.  

 Lower Body Protection Options

Yahoo Bored Shorts and Promite Smarty pants are similar, just size differences.  They both have adjustable belts.  

Cloud Hotpants and ROBO Hotpants are also similar in design but the ROBO pants offer denser pads.  Overpants should be purchased for both these pants to provide protection from sliding and ripping the Hotpants. 

Pelvic protectors are sold separately and highly recommended.