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Field Hockey Goggles


Does my player need Field Hockey Goggles?

The National Federation of State High School Associations changed its eyewear rule for field hockey players, abolishing the 'mandatory' use of goggles starting with the 2020 season. Although  Middle School and younger teams and clubs still require goggles, most club teams do not.  But each program is different. 

If your player needs goggles, be sure they have the ASTM F2713 standard printed on the goggle.  The NFHS rule ASTM F2713 requires that there be a vertical bar to protect the frontal zygomatic bone - This is NOT a requirement for lacrosse goggles.

There is a disclaimer from USFA that states "USA Field Hockey does not promote or encourage the usage of protective eyewear in the sport of field hockey or at any held National Events."

Can I wear my lacrosse goggles for field hockey?

No, because the lacrosse goggle is missing the vertical bar. However, you can wear field hockey goggles to play lacrosse. 

What is the best size of goggles?

Our best-selling field hockey goggle is the STX 2See. We sell both adult and youth sizes. The youth sizes would be appropriate for 4-6 graders while the adult size typically fits 6th graders and up.

We also sell STX Rookie goggles which usually fit the youngest players. 

Under Armour Futures goggles is a low-profile goggle that fits smaller heads.