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Field Hockey Shin Guards



What is the right Shin Guard for my field hockey player?

There are soft shell shin guards and hard shell shin guards.  For beginners through middle school, we recommend the softer version. Beginners through middle school wear softshell shin guards because players do not hit as hard as the high school teams do. We recommend high school players wear hard-shell shin guards due to an increase in ball speed, harder sticks, and harder hits. 

For younger players, we sell the STX reversible shin guard in youth and adult sizes. And, the CranBarry Form Fit which, although it is a hard shell shin guard, fits the smallest player.  

For beginners through middle school, our best seller is the soft shell STX Contour shin guard which features a stirrup. It is available in one size only but fits most players from 4th through 7th grade. If the player has a 'well developed' calf, the CranBarry Deluxe Shin guard, which has more fabric, will fit the player well. Each of these shin guards covers the ankle bones for ankle protection and has a stirrup for increased mobility and support.   

For high school or competitive middle school players, we offer Grays 700 shin guards and the Harrow Probot shin guards.  The Grays 700 shin guards, a best seller, have two velcro straps that wrap around the back of the calf. Because they have these straps which hold them in place, players do not have to wear shin guard sleeves to practice (only games, in order to match their teammates). The Probot shin guards do not have velcro straps for increased comfort. the Probot must be worn under a shin guard sleeve to keep it in place on the calf. Neither the Probot nor Grays 700 have a stirrup. 

We sell two different shin guard sleeves. The STX has a stirrup and the Harrow Intercept does not.  these sleeves are worn over the shin guard in games or to hold the shin guard in place. We also sell Hocsocx, which are worn under shin guards for comfort and to prevent rubbing.