Lacrosse Goalie Equipment


What equipment does a girls’ lacrosse goalie need?

Goalies in girls’ lacrosse are required to wear the following:

  • Helmet & Throat Guard
    • Statement/seal indicating it meets NOCSAE lacrosse standard
    • Performance specification and SEI certified
    • We carry Cascade helmets and throat protectors although sold separately are usually already attached at our store.
  • Chest Protector
    • Covers front torso, neckline to below navel
    • Body straps must be secured to the front of pad – adjust for a snug, comfortable fit
    • Must be certified against Commotio Cordis (*NEW REQUIREMET*) SEI WEBSITE
  • Goalie Gloves
    • Hand must be fully inserted in glove
    • Includes goalie specific additional thumb protection
    • We carry the STX Sultra gloves are that made for the female athlete.
  • Leg Pads & Pelvic Protection
    • There are several styles of Goalie pants that provide this protection.
    • We have the STX Breaker pants and the STX Deluxe pants in out inventory.
  • Goalie Stick
  • Mouthguard
    • Must be visible color other than clear or white
    • Self-molding (from manufacturers) or custom-molded (from dentist)

What is the difference in lacrosse goalie chest protectors?

  • There are only uni-sex Chest Protectors.
  • We carry the STX Shields in 200, 400 and 600 in Small, Medium, and Large. The Shield 200 is ideal for the beginner player, the 400 for the intermediate, and the 600 for the advanced player
  • We also carry the Maverik Chest Protector which allows for maximized movement and minimum bunching while the goalie is dynamic. The Maverik is sized S/M and M/L.  We have the Max EKG and the MX EKG

What is the difference between lacrosse goalie helmets?

  • There are no differences between female goalie helmets and male goalie helmets
  • A throat guard is required for the helmet to be legal

What is the difference between lacrosse goalie pants?

  • Pants vary depending on the brand, but all essentially have the same function of padding. 

What is the difference between lacrosse goalie gloves?

  • Different gloves offer different levels of protection, however goalie gloves all serve the same purpose.  The Sultra glove is designed so a smaller hand can manipulate the thumb. 

What is a good girls lacrosse goalie stick?

  • We carry the STX Shield 100 Goalie Stick which is suitable for the entry level player
  • We also carry the STX Eclipse II Goalie Stick which would better fit a more experienced player. The Eclipse II is also the number one selling goalie stick in the game.

Do I need to wear shin guards to play goalie?

  • No, shin guards are optional but are becoming more popular for younger goalies who are just learning the position