Softball Gloves


What size glove should my player use?

Softball gloves are measured in inches.  Glove size for players under ten is typically not determined by position but by fit.  The glove should stay on the hand even when the hand is held straight down by its side.  Buy the biggest glove that the player can control. 

What size softball glove does an infielder need?

An infielder uses a glove from 11 1/2" to 12 1/2".  A first baseman's glove is 13" and usually designated as a first basement glove.  A first baseman has a shape that is good for gripping balls out of the dirt.   An outfielder's glove is usually longer to catch fly balls. 

Do I need to break in my softball glove?

Some gloves are soft enough that they require minimal breaking in before they can be used.  Gloves with stiffer leather, typically more expensive will need time to break in.  

TIP: Also wrap your glove around a ball when not in use.