Softball Helmets + Masks


Why do I need a Softball Helmet?

Softball helmets fully protect the head and cover both ears. Fastpitch helmets offer lower face protection. These helmets have a coated metal guard covering the face that can protect the jaw and teeth. Softball players mainly use fastpitch helmets because the throwing style of softball lends itself to hitting this area.

What is the difference between a Softball and a Baseball Helmet?

Baseball and softball helmets offer similar features, such as dual ear protection, face mask, and visor. The one noticeable difference is major league batting helmets only cover one ear, whereas most other helmets cover both. There also may be differences in face mask design. Since league rules vary, make sure that if you're interchanging helmets that they fit properly, and comply with league rules.

Is the difference between a T-Ball helmet and a Softball Helmet?

Just size.  T-ball helmets are usually smaller.

How do I pick the right helmet?
You want your helmet to be comfortable and fit properly.   Batting helmets are made of a strong plastic material that helps protect the batter from wild pitches, hard tags, and miss throws. If fitted properly, should cover the head and ears, and the lid of the helmet should sit about 1 inch from the eyebrows.

What is the correct size softball Helmet?

 A good tip is to treat the process like you would when you buy a hat. Find the measurement of the circumference of your head and correlate it to the closest size available. the Chart is a guideline only.