Field Hockey Sticks


What is the difference between field hockey sticks?

Field hockey sticks vary in composition  wood, fiberglass, and/or carbon. Wood and fiberglass sticks are appropriate for beginners. Sticks made from wood and fiberglass are easier to control, less stiff than sticks with carbon, and are made inappropriate lengths for beginners (ages elementary up to middle school). Sticks containing carbon are for competitive and elite players 

Carbon makes the stick stiffer and appeals to more advanced players due to increased hitting power, a lighter weight, and the ability to move the ball faster. The higher the carbon content, the more power behind the hit. We sell sticks ranging from 0% carbon to 95% carbon. 

For more advanced players, the bow of the stick is important for specific skills. Stick bows, which are from the handle to the toe, are about 19mm to 25mm in length. Regular bows feature its the highest point at the center of the shaft. This assists in all types of gameplay and is in many beginners to intermediate sticks. Medium bows are a median between regular bows and low bows and assist in all fields similar to regular bows. Low bows and extreme low bows are typically around 25mm and feature a high point closer to the toe of the stick. This technology helps with aerial play and advanced ball movement and stick skills. 

What length Field Hockey Stick do I need?

The player's height dictates what stick length they should use. We typically measure sticks from the center of the player's foot to their hip. This measurement helps the player to feel more comfortable and maintain better form. In our store, we measure the player for the best stick for them while also offering the player a chance to try the stick out in order to find the perfect stick. In addition, here is a chart that can be used to purchase a field hockey stick. Of course, the best method is to buy what is most comfortable for the player while not compromising form.