Lacrosse Goggles


What goggles are legal?

  • Goggles must meet the current ASTM standard, F3077-17.
  • All goggles that have been certified by SEI and are legal for play is listed on the SEI website

What is the difference between field hockey and lacrosse goggles?

  • The difference between field hockey goggles and lacrosse goggles is that field hockey goggles must have wire bars that stretch vertically through the goggles in order for the goggles to be legal.
  • All field hockey must be permanently labeled with the ASTM 2713 stamp to meet NFHS standard.
  • All Lacrosse goggles must be labeled with an SEI stamp and be SEI certified to the current ASTM lacrosse standard F3077.

Can I wear a helmet to play Lacrosse?

  • Yes, however headgear use is optional in women’s lacrosse.
  • All helmets that include integrated eyewear must meet ASTM eyewear standard, F3077-17 and ASTM headgear standard, F3137.​
  • All protective eyewear and integrated headgear that have been certified by SEI and are legal for play are listed on the SEI website

Can I wear lacrosse goggle over glasses?

  • There are no legal goggles that can be worn over glasses.
  • All protective eyewear that has been certified by SEI and is legal for play is listed on the SEI website