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Lacrosse Sticks


What is the length of a lacrosse stick?

Field players use a stick between 35 ½” and 43 ¼”. A goalie’s stick can be larger, between 35 ½” and 52″ long. All sticks are measured from the bottom of the rubber end to the top of the head. Youth Players can use the shorter stick but it is not legal for high school players. 

What is the differences between the heads of a lacrosse stick?

Sticks have various head shapes, and pockets    Beginners typically play with a head that is wider, as it makes it easier to catch, scoop up ground balls,  throw and cradle the ball.

Intermediate to advance players usually choose a narrower or more pinched head that creates better control of passes. 

Pockets are often a personal preference.  In the last two years, the mesh pocket or a variation of it has become popular for girls lacrosse. 

What is the difference in lacrosse handles?

There is some difference in the thickness of handles, but usually the difference is in the material, alloy or composite,  and the grip, smooth or coated.  Again, a personal preference.