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What protective equipment to I need to play Field Hockey?   

Field Hockey players, except the goalie, need  a mouth guard,  shin guards,  goggles for some programs, and a left hand glove for indoor play. 

What kind of shin guards do you recommend?  

Beginner & intermediate players can us a soft shinguard, like the STX Contour or the CranBarry Shinguard.   Starting in High School or with competitive clubs, hard shells are recommended.  Some hard shell shin guards have velcro straps to hope them in place.  Others do not and require a shinguard sock to keep the shinguard. on.  For hard shells shinguard, we sell Harrow, Grey's, TK, and STX. 

What protective equipment do I need to play Lacrosse?

Lacrosse players, except for the goalie, need a mouthguard, goggles, and/or in some programs a girls lacrosse helmet is required or recommended.  All goggles and helmets must have SEI stamp.   Cascade Helmet include goggles.  There is a Hummingbird Helmet that does not.