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*Information about Field Hockey Bags

What is the best bag for a Field Hockey Stick?

The STX Prime stick bag is the perfect bag for a field hockey stick.  Any size stick will fit in the bag.  There is room for goggles and soft shin guards.  There is an outside pocket for a mouth guard and for a water bottle.

What is the best bag for a Field Hockey Goalie?

Hands down, the best and most popular back is the OBO Stand Up Goalie Bag.  It is on wheels, has a great handle, has a stiff bottom so it stands while the goalie can get all the gear inside.  The OBO Wheelie Basic Bag, is a bit smaller and does not stand.   The TK bag has become popular because it is very durable and roomy.

What is the best backpack for a Field Hockey stick?

All of our backpacks in our store have 'slides' on the sides for sticks, field hockey or lacrosse.  The Harrow Elite is our most popular bag and is used by many teams as the front panel is perfect for embroidery.   It has three compartments.  The front, smallest compartment has mesh on the bottom, perfect for damp or wet items.  There a slides on both sides so it can hold 2 sticks.  The stick toggles easily fit a field hockey stick.  There is also room for a water bottle on the side. 

The Harrow Havoc is the largest backpack we have in our inventory.  It has two large pockets on the front, and a zippered pocket on the bottom that is separate from the interior, perfect for muddy, wet clothes.  There are also two zippered side pocket and mesh for a water bottle.  The Havoc can also hold 2 sticks, but they are insert in an X through the back of the pack. 

The STX Sidewinder is a great back pack but the toggle is tight for a field hockey stick and more appropriate for a Lacrosse Stick.  It has 2 front pockets and one toggle.  It has 2 small pocket on the front, one is mesh.  There is not a designated water bottle pocket. 

STX also offers the Aerial Backpack.  It is larger than the Sidewinder and has 2 toggles to carry 2 sticks.  Again, the toggles are tight for field hockey sticks.   It has 2 large interior pockets and, one pocket on the bottom of the bag that is protected from the interior for dirty or damp items.